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Ribbun to Provide Profile Links

The company launches a new service to its diverse lineup of SEO services for its clients: profile link building.


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2012 -- Ribbun, a rapidly growing SEO and SMO firm that provides several services to improve its clients’ web presence, will now offer its own high-quality profile link building service.

The newly launched profile link building service offered by Ribbun will basically involve creating profile links toward a website on selected networking websites, forums, and other social media websites. This SEO strategy has gained prominence only in recent times according to Ribbun spokesperson Mr. Mohit. He said, “In the last few years, profile link building has proven useful for several website owners. This particular SEO strategy allows you to create a high number of back links to a website, but it also ensures that the back links created are of high authority. However, this service has been used for spamming purposes as well in recent times, which is why it is important that you choose the right service for your needs.”

Ribbun’s profile link building service is a part of the company’s larger link building service, for which it has already gained immense popularity. The company is, in fact, the number one link building service provider across several countries, including the United States, Germany, U.K., Spain, and Brazil.

Ribbun employs a 10-member team of SEO experts in order to build profile links for its clients. This team first conducts in-depth research on the highest quality forums for its clients. During this process, the company weighs several factors, including the relevance of the forum with respect to the industry that the client is part of, the number of visitors on the forum, and the authority power held by the forum website on search engines. Once the research is complete, the team then creates a profile manually and places an anchored link to the client website in the biography or signature of the profile.

While determining the link authority of the forum, Ribbun’s team of experts concentrates on the Alexa rank of the social networking website. A profile on a website with high Alexa rank ensures that the client receives high quality and targeted traffic. Since profile links are not indexed quickly, Ribbun speeds up the process by adding random bookmarks along with profile links.

About Ribbun
Ribbun is a well-known SEO firm that offers social media optimization services as well. The company was created with an aim of creating high-quality internet marketing services. All services are designed for 100 percent customer satisfaction as well as guaranteed results. The company uses the latest trends and technology in SEO to create brand awareness and provide its clients with a strong presence on the internet in the best possible manner.