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60 Seconds Binary Options software turns $200 into over $2400, within its one-month trail offer.


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- The release of a new binary options trading system, Profit in 60 Seconds by Keith Jones, has enthralled thousands of individuals, from around the world, as they made larger profits. Launched in November 13th, 2013, the system is claimed to be the only binary options trading signals software that is able to turn $200 into over $2400, within its one-month trail offer.

Binary options refers to an option of a put or call, in terms of which way a stock will move. A put means, guessing or betting that a stock will go down. In contrast, a call simply means, guessing or betting that a stock will go up. Since, binary means two, there are two options involved. Binary Options have been around for years, and is referred to as effective ‘money-making systems.’ Being one of a kind, Profit in 60 Seconds generates signals from more than 20 currency pairs, with 9 out of every 10 trading days, ending in a profit.

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It is easy to install and use, and generate about 86% of the winners. After the installation, individuals will have to, open an account at a binary options broker and deposit $100 into their accounts. Then, they will have to, connect the software to their accounts and follow the step-by-step procedure given at The Binary Software will, then, makes trades for them. Since the signals are for one minute binary option trades, 20-25 minutes per day leads to achieve the objective of turning $200 into $2,400 to $2,500.

The software provides real time one-minute Binary Options, “Call” and “Put” signals. For instance, if the software issues a EUR/USD “Call” (i.e. the market should close higher) signal, then the users will have to click the one-minutes “Call” button, placed in their broker’s trading platform and wait 60 seconds for the result. On the other hand, if the software issues a EUR/USD “Put” (i.e. the market should close lower) signal, then the users will have to click the “Put” button, and wait as indicated before. Profit in 60 Seconds works 100% automatically, and requires absolutely no intervention on the part of the users. Its website is updated regularly, providing an account of its daily performance accuracy.

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Since, binary option is one of the unique kind of investments, in today’s world, fundamental knowledge about it is necessary for one to achieve success in this area. The developers of Profit in 60 Seconds software are highly-qualified and professional binary option traders, who have thoroughly tested it for eleven months and fully guide the new traders in accomplishing their internet marketing objectives.

Profit in 60 Seconds is a unique desktop application that enables binary options traders to make high-percentage profits by trading 60-second options in the Forex market.

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