Profitable and Innovative Business Ideas for 2013 Exposed by Popular Business Blog

Popular business blogger Sandy McQueen of is at it again with her great tips and ideas for aspiring and advanced online business entrepreneurs alike.


Avon, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- If you are an aspiring entrepreneur planning to start your own online business, chances are you are faced with one of the most common ailments of rookies and that is choosing just the right niche to get involved with. Even experienced online marketers get stuck sometimes in what business analysts calls “the wall trap” where entrepreneurs who have earned money online before suddenly run out of ideas and stop cold in their tracks. What they both need are innovative business ideas to get the ball rolling, and this is what our news is all about.

For those who know Sandy McQueen of , she is a creative business blogger who helps online marketers by providing them some with some of the latest tips and ideas about how to start an online business and run it. She also provides an excellent service to her seasoned readers by sharing new ideas on what she thinks are good business ideas they can work on.

In her latest blog post, she shares with us some innovative business ideas she thinks will do great this coming year. We checked it out and with some research; we are convinced that Sandy has hit the spot once more. She shares to her readers these three business ideas and why she thinks they will be in demand:

1. Creating iPad Apps for Seniors
2. Employee Monitoring services
3. Self Quantification Tools

Sandy goes on to explain why she believes these business ideas are almost untapped and for those who would like to have a good start, they should consider getting into these niches as early as possible. And surely enough, these pioneering business concepts does have a big chance in the coming years.

Recently, Apple has released their new iPad Mini to cater to those who want a smaller version of the iPad. But almost 86% of iPad owners disclosed that they prefer to use the iPad 2’s larger screen. This can be attributed to the fact that many iPad users are senior citizens who love to play games while relaxing at home to mingle with their friends and relatives in social media platforms. Considering the fact that they have extra money to spare and buy apps that they can use, creating apps for these tech savvy seniors is a great business idea indeed.

Outsourcing is also a growing industry with nearly 93% of online business tasks being sent to workers to the Philippines, India and even within the United States with freelancing jobs. Effectively monitoring these online employees has created a huge market for software developers who have seen the demand years back. But the trend is not likely to slow down, as more companies prefer to outsource some of their business tasks and are likely to hire home based employees to save on office costs. Getting involved in a business that helps companies track their offshore employees is another sure winner.

Though there are already usable self quantification tools today, companies who are “data junkies” are setting the demand for more. Self quantification tools can also be used to accurately predict consumer behavior and will set the wheels for more progress in this field. Entrepreneurs who get involved in this industry have a high rate of success if the trend does continue in the direction it is taking now.

In today’s buzzing business environment, being creative and seeing the trends from afar just like what Sandy is doing in her articles is what new leaders of the future are made of. Just see what a CNN report has to say about what they call the “Conceptual Age of Business”

“Where "global knowledge" was once essential for leaders, IBM's 2010 Global CEO Study cited "creativity" as the most important leadership quality for the future.” - CNN Lisa Bodell

This is what sets Sandy apart among other business bloggers; her creativity in discovering these innovative business ideas and her willingness to share it with her readers. These business ideas alone can already help aspiring entrepreneurs get a head’s start in this complex and ever changing business landscape.

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