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Program Yourself Thin Review Reveals Popular Way to Lose Weight

Daily Gossip reviews the latest weight loss program: Program Yourself Thin. This new method promises to help users lose weight naturally with no health concerns.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- According to the Program Yourself Thin review accessible on Daily Gossip, many people find themselves in the situation of needing a way to lose weight fast. Jim Katsoulis comes to help all these individuals by presenting them with a unique weight loss plan. His secret formula can help any person lose weight easily and maintain that perfect body shape.

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According to the developer of this program, putting an end to food cravings is the first step on the way to weight loss.

Jim Katsoulis claims that his method is so effective because it targets the most important enemy that people holding a diet have. This enemy is food cravings, which make it harder for any individual to hold a diet that will produce desired effects. To achieve these results, Jim has actually used Freud’s theory of the Id, Ego and Super-Ego.

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According to the nutrition specialist, the brain has a conscious part that is trying to prevent individuals from eating unhealthy products. It also has an unconscious part that determines unhealthy eating habits. This part of the brain is believed to make people eat sweets when they are angry or depressed.

According to the Program Yourself Thin review published by Daily Gossip, people have to learn how to teach their brain to change behavior and attitude towards diet. From Jim Katsoulis’ guide, readers will learn how to achieve that purpose and how to easily reprogram themselves.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for a long period of time, with no excess is what this method recommends all users. The right nutrition and exercising plan will not only help any user achieve the desired body weight, but it will also help them maintain health unaffected for a longer period of time.

Jim Katsoulis recommends his readers to adopt his method as a lifestyle plan for the rest of their lives. In his guide, he offers all the details readers may need to be able to respect this regimen and obtain all the best results.