Progressive Republicans Will Not Support Romney Ryan Ticket

The Progressive Republican Club (PRC) will not endorse the candidacy of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for the offices of President and Vice President of The United States. Our decision is the result of the proposed Income Tax policy of the Romney campaign as well as other economic proposals that in our view will have a negative result. The continuation of a policy of Income Tax benefits only for the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the poor and the middle class is not acceptable.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- It is the objective of the Progressive Republican Club to encourage responsible government. It is our opinion that the addition of Congressman Paul Ryan as the Vice Presidential nominee changes the economic underpinnings of the campaign. The budget that was proposed by Congressman Ryan several months ago is a radical document that cuts taxes for the wealthy while taxing the middle class by removing “loopholes” such as the deduct-ability of mortgage interest and taxing employer paid health benefits. Ryan has also favored replacing Medicare with a voucher system that reduces benefits to seniors while creating profits for insurance companies.

It is simple arithmetic. If a tax dollar comes less from the wealthy then it will come more from the poor. A tax decrease for the wealthy is a tax increase for the poor. The economic policies proposed by the Romney campaign are a continuation of tax policies that are the cause of the destruction of the middle class of America. The trickle down idea that less tax on the rich will generate jobs has never worked. Our economic history has shown that when taxes on the wealthy are reduced unemployment goes up and the economy weakens.

Ryan has proposed balancing the budget by cutting spending for programs that have become the basis of the American way of life such as health care, education and social security. The Ryan budget never comes into balance and does not address the debt. It continues a policy of reduced taxes for the wealthy that produces insufficient revenue and an expanding national debt.

It is very apparent to us that the Romney Ryan campaign is out of touch with the middle class of the American People and is out of touch with the economic facts. It is a continuation of the failed policies that have caused an enormous increase in our national debt while devastating our economy. We will not support policies that will continue the destruction of America. We will not support any candidate who has signed a no new tax pledge. We will not support any candidate who has announced support for tax reduction tor the wealthy. We will not support any candidate who advocates destruction of the social programs that are the basis of the American way of life. We will not support the Romney Ryan campaign.

The Progressive Republican Club PRC) was formed with the express goal of bringing the Republican Party back to the heritage of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.

During the past thirty years the Republican Party has been taken over by radical elements. They have driven our country to the brink of economic disaster. They have mismanaged our government and caused our national debt to skyrocket. They have supported a tax policy that is destructive to most Americans and benefits only the wealthiest few. Their policies have grievously hurt the middle class who are the strength of America. They are destroying the American way of life and the American dream.