Project Alpha Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for 'The Trip That Changed My Life' Book

Hung Thai, an avid traveler, has brought together travelers around the world to write a book for charity. Nicknamed Project Alpha, this project intends to support children charities Save the Children and Unbound.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2016 -- An engineer by profession, Hung Thai has been traveling extensively around the world for the last five years. In these five years, he has had the fortune to experience beautiful landscapes, savory foods, culture and art. However, while traveling, he has also come closer to many underprivileged children and their painful sufferings.

Referring to a trip that changed his life, thinking, and attitude, Hung says, "To this day, I still can't get the image of the little Peruvian girl devouring a granola bar I gave her, the same one I was about to throw away because I didn't feel like carrying it around anymore."

From that experience, Hung started a global book project nicknamed Project Alpha. This project is provides a platform for travelers around the world to write about the trip that changed their life. The objective of this project is to establish the power of travel and to give back to the communities that have positively changed the lives of these travelers. The funds raised through this project will benefit children's charities Save the Children and Unbound.

Save the Children offers direct support to children all over the world in the time of crisis and safeguards their future. Some of their most important projects include education, emergency response during disasters and crises, health and nutrition, protection from harm, etc. On the other hand, Unbound supports different communities by helping mothers and their families build a healthy environment. Both these charities spend around ninety percent of donations on their different charitable programs.

The Trip that Changed my Life is a compilation of more than fifty stories available in e-book, paperback and coffee book formats. The team is comprised of members from across the globe including Bulgaria, China, Indonesia, England, Norway, Guatemala, Canada, Austria, Spain, and many other countries. The stories they tell are just as diverse as where they are from.

Hung and this team aim to raise $8,000 for this project through Indiegogo. All funds remaining after book production and Indiegogo fees will be donated.

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About Hung Thai
Hung Thai is an engineer by trade, traveler by choice, entrepreneur for good causes, and focused on giving back. He has recently started a charitable book project nicknamed Project Alpha.