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‘Project Management Degree Guides’ Advises People on Getting the Education They Need for New Career


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2012 -- During the beginning of the year, many people set goals for themselves on how they can better their lives. For some, this might involve going back to school or making a career change to something that is better suited to them and their interests.

One field of work that has received a lot of attention is project management. People who have a project management degree can typically apply for numerous positions that are often well-paid, secure, and offer a sense of fulfillment.

But knowing how to go about getting the education that is needed to work as a project manager can be confusing; there are many colleges that offer this degree, but it can be hard to determine which school is best and also, for busy students, which ones offer a project management degree online.

A website has been creating a lot of buzz lately for its comprehensive and helpful information about how and where to earn a project management degree.

Project Management Degree Guides offers both prospective students as well as existing project managers with information, news, and resources about top-tier accredited project management degrees. The website is user-friendly and also features tips on how to earn an online project management degree, which can be a very attractive option for people who are already working but want to also go to school.

For those who are unsure about what a project management education can mean for them, an article near the top of the home page explains why having the advanced degree can be so important for their career.

“A project management degree provides to your natural talent for group, time administration, attention to element, persistence, interpersonal communication and ability to adapt to problems and changing priorities,” the article explained.

“You’ll achieve the skills you’ll want to present clear instructions with authority, create timelines on your tasks, collect materials and assets, and forecast and plan for any unseen glitches.”

People who earn an online degree in project management typically enjoy steady work, because, as the website notes, every time a new product or mission is developed or implemented, a project supervisor often oversees it.

Some of the specific types of jobs that can be available to those with a degree in project management include project coordinator, affiliate project manager, data technology project manager, and product supervisor.

About Project Management Degree Guides
Project Management Degree Guides provides prospective students and project managers with information, news, and resources about top tier accredited project management degrees. The website also features articles that explain how a degree can be used for a variety of career choices, including construction project manager, software project manager, and many more. For more information, please visit http://www.projectmanagementdegreeguides.org