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Project Management Lite: New Book Quashes Fears to 'Get the Job Done'.

Providing a practical ‘how-to’ roadmap for the project management novice, Juana Clark Craig’s ‘Project Management Lite’ is already changing the mind-set, outlook and project success for people across the globe.


Columbia, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- The words ‘project’ and ‘management’ fail to co-exist peacefully in the minds of millions of U.S workers. From trepidation about technicalities to dreads about deadlines, Juana Clark Craig’s latest book is proving that managing a project can be child’s play.

As one of the only user-friendly books on the market, ‘Project Management Lite’ helps non-project managers clearly define what needs to be done, come up with a plan and work it until the job is complete.

“There is no shortage of books on project management, yet most of those guides are weighed down with tiresome project management-speak and heavy process. This easy-to-use, step-by-step, plain English guide to project management shows readers how to hit ground running and nail the completion of projects.

For beginners who find themselves in charge of a project but have no clue where to start or those who are struggling or feel overwhelmed, Project Management Lite focuses less on the theory and more on the action with simple worksheets and checklists.”

As the author explains, her book is aimed at the complete layman.

“This is the book to be put the hands of a person who knows absolutely nothing about project management,” says Clark Craig, who has been managing projects with Fortune 500 companies for over twenty five years.

She continues, “Everything is clearly laid out in plain English, with no fluff. My plan was to produce a complete roadmap to understanding project management, geared for those who may have been given a project by their boss and have no idea where to start.”

In fact, Clark Craig is able to simplify the book even further.

“In short, it is a book that tells you how to get the job done and nothing more. Why weigh yourself down in tools, processes and jargon that you’ll never use?” she adds.

Since its launch, the book has garnered rave reviews.

“This book bypasses the overly technical language found in most project management books to deliver a step-by-step, plain English approach to project management. This is refreshing as most project management books focus on the approach espoused by the Project Management Institute and found in training for the PMP, which is heavy handed and complex,” says K. Craig, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Business and government leaders praise Clark Craig for her efforts to simplify the approach to project management and make its benefits easily accessible to anyone.

In fact, as Clark Craig explains, the range of potential readers is vast.

“It can be used by anyone including individuals, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, businesses of all sizes, internal organizations and non-profits. When you understand what project management is, you can use it to organize your closet, write a book, launch a business, or create a new division within your corporation. It helps you simplify your life, save time and money and be more productive. Let’s face it, in this busy, crazy world we could all use less stress, more time and more money!” she concludes.

‘Project Management Lite’, published by CreateSpace, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/SLtPQS

To view a video trailer for the book, visit: http://bit.ly/Vz2Vu6

For more information, please visit the book’s official website: http://www.project-management-lite.com/

About Juana Clark Craig
As a project management professional, Juana Clark Craig has over twenty-five years of project management experience working for Fortune 500 corporations. She has personally managed projects ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to ones with multi-million dollar budgets. She has extensive experience in helping organizations boost their success rate through training, mentoring, and coaching both new and experienced project managers.