Project Management Software: OutVeo Makes Outsourcing Easy for Entrepreneurs

OutVeo, a project management software solution to all the outsourcing problems that entrepreneurs face in today’s world.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- A large scale organization might be able to handle outsourcing on their own, and manage the business activities alongside this too. But for small scale organizations or solo entrepreneurs it becomes increasingly difficult for them to manage their business if they add any outsourced element to their mix. It does bring in profits but those profits are not really worth it when these entrepreneurs have to work long hours to manage their business and also the outsourced work. This is where OutVeo makes its entry. OutVeo is a web-based project management software application that makes outsourcing very easy for the entrepreneurs to manage.

It is not as if OutVeo is the very first online project management software. There are over 125 project management software applications available online. But none of those provide complete solutions for entrepreneurs. There is much left to be desired. OutVeo fills in the missing pieces of this outsourcing puzzle. With this new online project management software people can finally keep track of each outsourced project and all the expenses as their business grows and expands.

OutVeo gives the entrepreneur all the tools needed to effectively manage every aspect of outsourcing from detailed assignment instructions to managing worker payment. It gives its users a proper idea of where the business is headed and what will be the expense incurred in response to any steps taken.

The following is Paul Barr’s response after he used OutVeo:

“I’ve got just one word to say for it – Fantastic!

Up until now I had to regularly visit 3 or 4 other websites to manage my outsourced workers… now they are all in one place. Love it!”

Some of the many benefits of this project management software include:

- There are easy to use checklists available to run the business.
- Easy access to staff ratings, know who has the best performance.
- Eliminate confusion as every staff project is managed and handled inside the OutVeo system.
- Gain and maintain control over every aspect of the business.
- Add notes and threaded text chat to each assignment project.
- And a lot more!

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