Launches Internet Marketing Packages for Attorneys

A good attorney website can now work as well as TV advertising without the high costs, site publishes


Murrieta, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- According to the Bar Association, 55,000 people pass the bar exam on a yearly basis. While most of these new attorneys will start out working for existing law firms, many eventually go on to open their own offices. This means that many cities are cluttered with law offices trying to get business. With this in mind, ( announced its promotion services for attorneys.

"It can seem hopeless for new law firms to try to get business when their competition is constantly using TV advertising," says Kevin Brian, a spokesman for the site. "We're here to provide other ways to become known that are just as effective but far more affordable."

Many of the services offered by Pro Law Press involve using the Internet as a marketing tool. Lawyer website design, video marketing, and web marketing are all fully covered. It also offers basics like web hosting to make sure that the technical aspects are sound.

"A good website is a very powerful form of attorney marketing," Brian explained. "It's a second storefront that can be even more powerful than the physical office when it comes to getting more clients. This is because it can offer a huge amount of information that otherwise couldn't be gained without making an appointment for a consultation."

Getting people to sign up for consultations is a big part of the marketing plan of many law offices, so we asked why it's sometimes better to have potential clients find information without actually walking into the office. "For basic questions, it's better to present them on the site because doing so gives attorneys a chance to show their competence, speaking voice, and generally give people a feel for what to expect when they do make an appointment," Brian informed us.

"The large amount of space available on a website is another thing that makes it a superior form of advertising. A phone book ad or online directly listing just doesn't offer enough room for a law office to let clients know all they need to in order to choose one over another," he went on.

Finally, we asked if Pro Law Press just designs websites for lawyers, or also does other forms of promotion to make sure that those sites can be found in the search engines. "Of course," he told us enthusiastically. "A website is worthless if no one can find it! Therefore, we offer marketing packages designed to not only create effective sites, but take them to the first page of Google ( We also offer web hosting, because all sites need to have reliable uptime in order to do their jobs."

About recognizes the unique difficulties faced in marketing law firms, and offers a variety of packages to help attorneys gain clients without the need for expensive TV advertising. These packages include site design, video marketing, and search engine optimization. Web hosting is also offered so that its sites will perform well from a technical standpoint.