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Prolific New Author, Pamela A. Goodwin, Releases Five Books in Five Months

Pamela A. Goodwin finally feels as if she’s doing what she was meant to do. Since beginning her writing career, Goodwin has written horror, romance, fantasy and more – and she’s not stopping yet! Readers will be thrilled to hear about this fresh new voice in the literature scene.


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- Since she began college in 2001, Pamela A. Goodwin has wanted to be an author.

In 2013, she achieved her dream – and did so with style. Publishing 5 books in just over 5 months, Goodwin has proved herself to be a powerful new voice in the self-publishing industry.

“I’ve been very lucky to have attracted an audience with my first books,” says the author. “I’ve always wanted to create different worlds for people to dream about, or remind them about experiences they may have forgotten. There are universal themes that everyone can relate to – like fear, love, or even just the need for escapism. I like to write across many genres so I can explore all of those themes and reach a greater number of readers.”

And reach them, she has. With ‘The Empress’, Goodwin has penned a tale of terror and fantasy, with a seductive, evil Empress and a foolish man who believes he can overthrow an emperor. In ‘Flesh of Stone’, Goodwin explores the dark weight of secrets, the trouble with a double life, and the importance of protecting your family. Goodwin has even tackled the horror genre, with ‘Pretend You’re Alone’, a ghostly story of a young woman who is sent to a mental hospital for the ‘special attentions’ of an insane, murderous doctor.

Vibrant, varied and with a rich eye for detail, Goodwin is one author to watch in 2014.

The Empress
If Sines thinks that killing the beast emperor will make him look more like a man and bring him respect, he's in the wrong empire. Emperor Ganois curses Sines with a woman who receives powers from the Devil himself. Yes, she will put Sines in his proper place while she turns into the Hell Cat she was chosen to become. Killing people. Not a problem. Torturing Sines and the people around him. Such fun for the Empress.

Flesh of Stone
Life has been good for Abrial and her seven kids. They're living the life of luxury. Even her boyfriend, Iceberg, is ready to marry her. But keeping the dark family secret forces Abrial to leave Iceberg in America while she flees with the kids back to France. Life doesn't get any better for long. Iceberg tracks her down to find out that a gargoyle is tracking her too. This forces her to reveal the secret while protecting him from harm. Mean while her kids are becoming more like the Demons she hiding than the people she's trying to raise. Time is not a friend to her as she fights for the things she value in her double life.

Pretend You’re Alone
Donna was happy till she went to the kitchen and found her boyfriend, Jerome, shot in the head. Life would never be the same, especially since his ghost is still "living" with her. It seems to be something she can get by dealing with, till he kills the intruder in her house. Then he kills her co-worker at the office. Thinking she's crazy, she gets sent to a mental hospital by the police. Jerome kills the hospital staff to get Donna out. When a special doctor comes to help Donna, they find out Jerome is not acting alone in these killings.

Purchase Links:
‘The Empress’: http://amzn.to/MyW721
‘Flesh of Stone’: http://amzn.to/1dFeyJM
‘Pretend You’re Alone’: http://amzn.to/1fufoZj

Also by Pamela A. Goodwin:

‘More Country in the Summer Please’: http://amzn.to/1mHSRP8
‘My Black Men’: http://bit.ly/1cWGz2A

About Pamela A. Goodwin
Pamela A. Goodwin was born in Riverside, Ca. She is the baby girl of all her mother's and father's children. She grew up in Oakland, Ca and attended Castlemont High School then later College of Alameda. She later transferred to Holy Names University where she majored in History. She has two children named Tobias and Kamoni. She lives happy as a single mother and enjoys making jewelry for her website, Pamela Bead Jewelry.