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Prom Dress Photo Shoot Complete, Blush Prom Is Looking Forward to 2013

After finalizing the new styles for their prom dresses for the 2013 Prom Dress Collection, Blush Prom has their photo shoot behind them and looking forward to the 2013 prom dress season.


Sapulpa, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- After months of detailed thought and the creative design process of the new dresses for Blush Prom’s 2013 prom dress collection, the dresses are now ready to be in print.

Blush Prom, like all most prom dress designers begin designing and making new concepts of their dresses early in the year, prior to the launch date of the collection.

After months of internal culling of dresses, inviting Blush Prom Premier Retail Stores to help finalize designs and concepts, Blush Prom has produced their initial selection of the new prom dress and evening dress collection for 2013.

“When we know we have a winning line of dresses, its time to bring in our photographer to put our dresses in print” Laura of Blush Prom told us. “We get a totally different view of how the dress will appear and fit on our customers, how it will lay and how it will look in our marketing campaigns for the 2013 prom dress online and magazine ads.”

“Seeing our dresses in print gives us the opportunity to see how they will actually appear when being worn to the special events they were designed for.” “We can making final adjustments, changes if needed to make all of our prom dresses #1’s.”

While the photo shoot for Blush Prom’s new prom dresses is complete, the prom dress collection that will be in retail stores is far from a thing of the past for Blush’s designing and sales staff. They will be busy from now until April perfecting and making Blush Prom dresses available throughout the world.

Look for the new 2013 prom dress collection in online and print magazine ads later this year and on as the new collection will be launched on their website this fall.

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