Promoting More Arabic Digital Content on Line - the Next Big Thing


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- There are over 100 million Arabic Speaking internet users currently (and growing daily…), but less than 3% of the digital content is in Arabic. Why is there such a gap and how can we help the Arabic users, a significant consumers market, reach and promote relevant Arabic content?

The Arabic digital content has two main problems that contribute to the dull appearance in the net:

1. The relative small quantity of Arabic content in the net – a problem being addressed by growing numbers of new sites, blogs and other content.

2. The content quality - the low editorial value dose not answer search engine researchers and bots, a point strongly proved by Google returning wrong results for many Arabic keywords searches. That is due to the fact that most of the Arabic content comes from forums that have no editing rules and therefore the information gets indexed by Google without any professional editing.

As we see growing numbers of Arabic users to what is becoming a leading potential market, and on the other hand a lack of relevant, accessible content, we see the task of improving Arabic digital content online as our main challenge.

"TS3A ", "TES3A" or "TIS3A" which means "nine" in Arabic, is a free Arabic website lunched in May 2013.

The site contains articles, videos, explanations and info graphics presented in a simple educational way, answering questions related to the keyword " How", such as " How do I know?" or " How do I make?" or " How can I? ".

Another issue we address in the site are questions regarding day-to-day tasks according to categories such as computers and internet, health, society and relations, home and kitchen, jobs and other fields that interest the Arabic user.

ts3a also contains two unique sections, first called " Did you know?" section which focus on providing and shedding more light on current vital information that Arabic users faces in our modern times, all made according to research and knowledge of topics who are of interest to this sector.

the second section called: "9 facts" which picks certain interesting popular topics and presents 9 facts about it, facts that users might not know about it before.

TS3A is aiming to be the leading essential knowledge resource and online guide for Arabs who want to learn how to do useful things and to increase user’s awareness in different fields.

All of TS3A's content is edited and well written, and is printed in a simple comprehensive manner, and so are our videos and info graphics. Here is an example post in the health section: “How do I know if I'm pregnant".

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