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Propellant Media LLC Offers the Best Beacon Free Geo Fencing Technology in North Dakota

Propellant Media LLC is a reputed agency in North Dakota that helps businesses with Beacon Free Geo-Fencing Technologyto get targeted customers.


Wheelersburg, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2018 -- A reputed marketing and media solutions agency, Propellant Media LLC has become the biggest provider of Geo-fencing Marketing services that is location-based and helps thousands of businesses get targeted customers. It offers Beacon Free Geo Fencing technology to help companies target others on the basis of their activities. The agency builds geo-fences in the location of customers.

The geofence marketing solutions from this agency have been in high demand among businesses in the recent years. The search engine industry and also business in general is getting increasingly focused on local customer base. Propellant Media LLC has marketers who are experienced in location-based marketing services, and can easily help business owners reach out to the target audience or customer base that they wish to get across to.

The services of the company are extremely assistive for trade show exhibitors, personal injury lawyers, car dealership owners, digital agencies, franchise owners, retail store owners etc. The Geo Fencing technology used by Propellant Media LLC can help track customers who have seen ads and to assess whether they have walked into stores after seeing those ads.

Companies already having a list of business addresses or customers can use Addressable Geo-Fencing for improving the outcomes of direct mail campaigns, addressable TV campaigns and various other marketing activities that are targeted at particular homes or types of customers. Addressable Geo-Fencing uses conversion zone tracking to better the frequency, extend the reach and assign foot traffic.

Addressable Geo Fencing increases every business address and household targeting effort with the aid of platline geofencing drawing ability that is automated. Businesses can get extremely scalable, precise targeting with more than one creative format, such as OTT ad campaigns, video ads, static ads etc with addressable geo-fencing.

Propellant Media LLC uses state of the art timed based layering that provides businesses with improved targeting ability and higher control over conveying brand messages to a specific user segment. The company offers services across numerous cities and nations such as Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago and New York.

About Propellant Media
Propellant Media LLC is a media solutions and marketing agency that is located in North Dakota. It offers varied solutions such as Geo Fencing Marketing, Addressable Geofencing, Programmatic Display, Social Media Advertising, Multicultural Marketing and more.

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