Property Experts Warn of Japanese Knotweed in New Year Buying Surge for 2017


Cobham, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2016 -- As the market emerges after the usual Christmas slumber, many households plan to buy or sell their properties. Homeowners are often surprised when a survey or home buyers report is returned with a declined mortgage due to the presence of Japanese knotweed on the property. Mortgage lenders have become increasingly aware of the dangers of having this invasive plant in the grounds of private land. In order to get a mortgage approved, a Japanese knotweed removal company must be enlisted to carry out treatment and provide an insurance backed guarantee.

One of the nation's leading Japanese knotweed experts, Nicolas Seal, has warned that many mortgage offers could be negatively affected in the New Year property surge for 2017. Whilst knotweed might not be obvious to the naked eye in the winter, the fact is sellers are required to declare whether their property is affected by knotweed, and those that don't risk an expensive future misrepresentation claim.

"Due to the unusually warm winter knotweed is still growing in locations where one would normally expect winter dormancy. We had a recent report of knotweed growing out of a retaining wall in mid-December" says Environet's Managing Director, Nicolas Seal. "If you find Japanese knotweed on a property you are purchasing and your mortgage lender has expressed concerns or even declined your mortgage, you can take action by employing a knotweed specialist to remove the knotweed and provide an insurance backed guarantee that will be acceptable to the bank or mortgage lender".

The reason that this perennial has created such a storm in the mortgage market is down to the aggressive growth of the plant together with the damage it can cause. It has been known to damage driveways and paths causing widespread disruption to homes and commercial properties. Expert advice is required for the safe removal or treatment of this plant in order to permanently remove it.

More information about Japanese knotweed mortgages can be found at http://www.environetuk.com/Japanese-Knotweed-Frequently-Asked-Questions/Mortgage-Refused-Due-To-Japanese-Knotweed

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