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Property Management and Real Estate Just Got a Whole Lot Easier Thanks to Brand New SaaS Provider AssetRecord.com


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2012 -- In the high-stakes world of real estate, fortunes can turn on the smallest details. As brokers, appraisers and lenders all coordinate in order to achieve the best outcomes for asset owners everywhere, communication is vitally important.

So how can property owners’ best ensure that they receive premium service from the real estate industry when they need to manage, sell or lease their property? Everyone who’s dealt with the complexity of property management understands the difficulty that arises when bringing the whole team of real estate industry professionals together. Luckily, thanks to a new service, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

AssetRecord.com has launched perhaps the most groundbreaking SaaS platform for real estate communication and data collaboration the industry has ever seen. Understanding the complex web of documentation that arises when dealing with property, the team behind Asset Record Company® have delivered an easy-to-use real estate software that allows effortless interaction between the various industry professionals and owners, all with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

Property owners engaged in active real estate management are finding Asset Records® to be a blessing, particularly due to ease in which any documentation attached to a property can be shared. By simply selecting a document and a professional with whom they wish to grant access, an e-mail is immediately generated giving the relevant party full access to that document online via AssetRecord.com. No longer do owners need to field endless calls and post or fax a litany of paperwork through to brokers, appraisers and lenders – with a quick visit to AssetRecord.com, relevant parties can be given access can to all necessary information in mere minutes.

This obviously has many advantages, particularly in terms of both minimizing costs and saving time. Asset Owners can grant access to real estate professionals working on their behalf to property information in minutes, tasks associated with that piece of real estate can move forward quicker than ever before. For owners who have multiple properties and many associated real estate contacts across their portfolio, it’s now effortless to associate each property with the relevant parties who interact with it. In this way a mountain of paperwork and hours of effort have been replaced by a few seconds spent at AssetRecord.com, and it’s easy to see why so many property owners are smiling as a result.

So as asset-owners everywhere get tired of drowning under the weight of their real estate commitments, it’s easy to see why many are turning to AssetRecord.com for some timely relief. Effortless document sharing and straightforward contact management have finally been combined into a platform that is setting the property management industry on fire, all thanks to the expert minds behind AssetRecord.com.

About the Asset Record Company®
The Asset Record® is a unique software platform which provides an easy means means to control, share and distribute information about each parcel of real estate. Data can both be added and downloaded by a wide variety of authorised professionals who typically act on behalf of the asset owner. By linking this data to a secure online source, AssetRecord.com has created a verified online portal by which trusted information can be easy disseminated in minutes. As owners everywhere face a daily litany of requests for paperwork and information, many are turning to AssetRecord.com in order to save themselves significant amounts of both time and money. For more information, visit http://www.assetrecord.com