Vows to Fill Void in Accurate Consumer-Geared Real Estate Information


Minooka, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2012 -- When it comes to sourcing, financing and buying a home, truthful and accurate online information is hard to come by. Nobody has noticed this more than, a mortgage and investment real estate professional services firm who have vowed to tackle the problem head-on.

Aiming to change the online landscape for good, the site has spent many months writing and developing authority articles, resources and videos that are factually perfect, non-sensational and one hundred percent free.

“We offer accurate and unbiased information for consumers and investors with respect to real estate, finance, investing and residential mortgages. Consumers often get confusing with contradictory information regarding mortgages, investing in real estate and other financial information that can be puzzling and misleading,” says Lani Lugar, who handles the website’s marketing.

She continues, “ offers straight-forward, truthful and unbiased information for consumers. A significant goal is to provide education for consumers, especially as it relates to mortgage lending, mortgage rates, property investment advice and understanding the mortgage lending process. Offering basic information and understanding allows consumers to make better financial decisions.”

The website is owned and authored by Mark Warner, a tactical financier, property developer, entrepreneur, and securities professional with over three decades of experience. Warner has also built a successful team of experts to regularly contribute to the website.

The site places a strong focus on intuitive navigation and concise organization of its information. Users will find sections detailing buying an investment property, real estate investing, property maintenance, working with industry professionals, mortgage interest rates, refinancing and credit union borrowing/credit union mortgage rates.

While information-packed articles are at the helm of, visual resources also play a large role in its remit. In fact, a recent infographic, “How Property Investors Make the Most of the US Housing Market” has become a viral hit among those who currently invest and among those who may be thinking of making their first property financial foray.

“As you visit our site, everything related to property investing, mortgage rates and financing residential property will become less confusing,” Lugar adds.

Warner and his team place the utmost importance on the regular development of new content for the website. With this in mind, users are urged to check back frequently to discover new and exciting information that could change the way they purchase property for good.

Those who would prefer to use social media can also keep abreast of the latest developments via Facebook, Twitter and the website’s YouTube channel.

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About Mark Warner
Mark Warner has over 30 years of experience as a tactical financier, property developer, entrepreneur, and securities professional. He has successfully founded, funded and operated several real estate and other investment entities. He currently owns FireDream Financial Group, Inc. a company involved in the real estate and mortgage business.

In 1994, Mark founded Millennium 3 Total Realty and Financial Services (now FireDream Financial Group). Over the years, Mark successfully raised millions of dollars for various real estate securities and insurance products.

Mark earned his BA in Finance from the University of North Texas.

On a personal level, Mark spent much of his time on a basketball court learning the value of hard work, the need for strong leadership and the importance of playing together as a team. He also learned that success sometimes comes from tossing the old playbook and trying something completely different. He incorporated these same values as he built the foundation of FireDream.

Mark is a strong advocate of diversified investment opportunities and the structures that are best established to house those investments. He now leads a team of seasoned professionals to provide great service to clients for a fair and transparent price and to make their clients lifelong raving fans.