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Props Production, Inc. Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Purse Props


Hollywood, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2015 -- Props Production, Inc. recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Purse Props, a compact and lightweight support device that protects handbags from dirty surfaces by keeping it off the floor.

Women spend a good amount of money to get a fashionable handbag. They want their purse to be durable so that they can use it for a long period of time. Purse Props helps them achieve this goal. Sturdy and portable, Props Production's Purse Props can hold over 15 pounds. A recent study conducted by StyleList revealed that the usual weight of a woman's bag is 6.27 pounds. Purse Props can support twice the average weight of a woman's bag.

Purse Props folds into a wallet-sized item so that it can be carried inside the handbag. When needed, it can be opened and used to keep the purse off the floor. The bottom of Purse Props can be folded inward, so it will never touch the inside of the handbag. Unlike purse hooks, the props can be used anywhere. The purse gets dirty when directly exposed to dirt, dust, water and mud. With Purse Props, women don't need to worry about their bag getting dirty or damaged. It will keep the purse clean all the time.

Purse Props was engineered by Blue Ring Technologies. Before attaining its current design, Purse Props has gone through different stress tests to guarantee its durability. It is available in several colors, including red, black, royal blue, pink, caramel and brown as well as baby blue and soft pink for diaper bags.

The molds for Purse Props are currently being created, but Props Production still needs help in settling the final expenses of manufacturing, packaging and marketing. The company's Kickstarter campaign will end on Monday, November 30, 2015 at 10:17 AM AWST.

If the needed amount is reached, backers will receive their very own Purse Props in time for the holidays and enjoy other special rewards. Those who pledge $10 or more will get a Purse Props mirrored compact and a Purse Props pen. Props Production is also offering an Early Bird Special. Backers can save $10 on their Purse Props by pledging $20 or more.

About Props Production, Inc.
Props Production, Inc. is a husband and wife team. They have successfully launched several projects and they are more than motivated to bring their latest project, Purse Props, to life.

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