Proscape Congratulates Skills Creative Solutions for Launching Third Client on Proscape Cloud


Horsham, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2017 -- Proscape congratulates their partner Skills Creative Solutions for successfully launching their third client on the Proscape Cloud. Skills now has three clients from three different industries that use sales apps made with the Proscape Cloud: Alfa Wassermann (pharmaceuticals), an international gaming technology company and a multinational energy company. To learn more about Proscape, their growing client base, and the sales content management tools they offer, visit them online.

"Our partners are as invaluable to us as we want to be to them," said Derek Pollock, Proscape's Co-Founder and President. "For Proscape, there's no greater marker of our own success than seeing partners build strong, meaningful relationships with their customers."

Headquartered in Rome, Skills works with clients throughout Italy to help them smoothly navigate transitions to new models of digital customer interaction. Skills also specializes in developing apps that clients can use for B2B interactions, consumer-facing sales, in-store interactions and special events.

As a member of the Proscape partner program, Skills helps clients leverage real-time sales enablement apps that Skills creates on the Proscape platform to increase revenue per rep and per sales call. The digital sales tools that Skills creates with the Proscape platform read data from customer relationship management systems, empowering reps when they are face-to-face with customers and allowing customers to make smarter business decisions. Over the course of a typical month, Skills' team of AppMasters creates or updates over 1,000 app pages for their clients.

Proscape's partner program is designed to provide clients with the sales management, content distribution and other tools that they need to optimize their sales and marketing channels, and includes training so that any team member can become a skillful Proscape AppMaster. Anyone interested in joining Proscape's partner program may call 800-654-2372 to schedule a demo.

About Proscape
Proscape is a Horsham, PA-based technology company that gives businesses the tools they need to leverage mobile technology and optimize the salesperson-customer interaction. Businesses that use Proscape's innovative platform can easily align their sales and marketing efforts to ensure the buying process is as smooth as possible, which is more important than ever for B2B customers. Furthermore, the company's platform offers marketers critical insights to continuously improve the buying process, thus exponentially growing sales and increasing their bottom line.