Proscape Gives Back, Donates Technology to Museum


Horsham, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2017 -- Proscape is garnering a reputation among businesses in virtually every sector for their versatile CREATE and ORGANIZE technologies, each of which can function either together or independently to optimize any digital content distribution strategy and align sales and marketing efforts. With Proscape's technology, organizations find success by enhancing the end-user experience – but businesses aren't the only users who can benefit from CREATE and ORGANIZE. In fact, the Proscape platform's versatility is currently on full display in the arts sector, thanks to the Massillon Museum in Massillon, Ohio.

In 2016, Massillon Museum began searching for a way to engage young audiences with interactive exhibits. The museum's goal was to foster an experience during which young people could appreciate and immerse themselves in art and historical topics that they might not otherwise seek out. In 2016, Massillon Museum and Proscape entered into a partnership to achieve just that.

"Our platform is used by marketing and sales teams to create the optimal buying experience for customers," said Derek Pollock, Proscape's Co-Founder & President. "But that experiential component can be translated into any context," he added.

Using CREATE, their flagship platform, Proscape and Massillon Museum worked together to develop a multi-sensory experience for young museum visitors. Today, Massillon Museum patrons can engage with interactive, touch-screen technology to both learn about and fully appreciate exhibits. Furthermore, young people can fully immerse themselves in the past by using headphones to listen to audio recordings and songs from a given exhibit's time period.

Thanks to their work, a selection of Massillon Museum's exhibits now have a multigenerational appeal. Moreover, all of Proscape's efforts and products were donated to the museum.

"Proscape not only provided excellent customer service, but their team was willing to rapid-track the app within tight exhibition schedules to produce a timely, professional, and user-friendly end product," said Heather Jean Hade, the Curator of Massillon Museum. "The Proscape team took initiative to set up conference calls and live, virtual tutorials to ensure the curatorial staff at the Massillon Museum was comfortable to launch the apps," she added.

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