Proscape Offers Amazon Gift Card to Sales and Marketing Managers Who Participate in Phone Interview


Horsham, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2017 -- Proscape is currently seeking user experience feedback from sales and marketing managers across the United States. To encourage participation, the company is offering a $100 Amazon gift card to those who qualify for, and then complete, a one-hour telephone interview with a representative from Proscape. Interested parties can find out if they qualify via this link. For more information about Proscape, their leading content distribution tools, or any of the other real-time sales enablement solutions they provide, visit them online today.

Typically, when Proscape is seeking audience and user feedback, they are doing so in an effort to improve CREATE and ORGANIZE, their flagship digital sales tools. However, the results of their latest survey initiative will be used to help the company improve their website by gleaning insight about the experience its visitors have.

"User experience is key," said Derek Pollock, Proscape's Co-Founder and President. "Whether you're a sales rep in the field or part of a development team in an open office, everything you do must be designed to provide the best experience for your customer," he added.

Ultimately, to improve the user experience of the Proscape website, Pollock and his team are hoping to find out more about everything from visitors' impressions of the site's design to how easy it is or is not to navigate.

Qualify for this opportunity here, and call 800-654-2372 to set up a demo with Proscape to experience their leading sales content management tools first-hand.

About Proscape
Proscape is a Horsham, PA-based technology company that gives businesses the tools they need to leverage mobile technology and optimize the salesperson-customer interaction. Businesses that use Proscape's innovative platform can easily align their sales and marketing efforts to ensure the buying process is as smooth as possible, which is more important than ever for B2B customers. Furthermore, the company's platform offers marketers critical insights to continuously improve the buying process, thus exponentially growing sales and increasing their bottom line.

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