Proscape Offers New Solutions to Traditional Sales Enablement Problems


Horsham, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2017 -- Sales and marketing teams perform vital functions; however, in many organizations, those teams' respective efforts are often misaligned, out of sync, or altogether incongruent. To solve these alignment issues, Proscape is pleased to offer an all-encompassing platform in which sales and marketing can collaborate and ultimately provide both current and prospective customers with a superior experience. To learn more about Proscape, their platform, and the answers they have to questions about sales and marketing alignment, visit the company online today.

Traditional sales enablement only goes so far, and businesses that use Proscape's solutions offer customers something that their competitors cannot: Empowerment.

"If you can empower people by providing them with the information they need to make the most informed decision, they'll choose you," said Derek Pollock, Proscape's Co-Founder & President.

Educating customers is critical for any sales team's success, and they need the best possible information in order to teach. That's why it is essential for marketing teams to provide their colleagues in sales with informative, engaging educational material. Unfortunately for some organizations, however, the marketing-to-sales pipeline is often blocked.

By using Proscape's platform, marketers can provide sales reps with the information they need to sell, all in an easy-to-navigate, completely customizable, digital space. Users can tailor the Proscape platform to their specific needs; everything from information deployment to drag-and-drop content placement is possible. Moreover, all of this can be achieved on any mobile device.

"I see this tool as being a huge selling assistant and confidence builder for customers," said a Sales and Brand Manager whose teams are currently thriving thanks to the Proscape platform. In fact, interested parties can read her success story in a recently published case study on Proscape's website.

Those interested in aligning sales and marketing efforts, improving customer interaction, and ultimately driving business growth, can get started with Proscape for free today.

About Proscape
Proscape is a Horsham, PA-based technology company that gives businesses the tools they need to leverage mobile technology and optimize the salesperson-customer interaction. Businesses that use Proscape's innovative platform can easily align their sales and marketing efforts to ensure the buying process is as smooth as possible, which is more important than ever for B2B customers. Furthermore, the company's platform offers marketers critical insights to continuously improve the buying process, thus exponentially growing sales and increasing their bottom line.

Learn how to better control, and subsequently improve, the sales-customer interaction by scheduling a demo at today.