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Prospective Marketing Students Seek out Marketing Degree Info at CommunicationDegreeGuides.org


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2012 -- Prospective MBA marketing degree students are increasingly exploring their options at CommunicationDegreeGuides.org. The resource guide Website explores the various school, curriculum and career options for the communications degree sector including MBA in Marketing, Public Relations, Communications and Journalism.

Every product, business, organization and event requires the specialized guidance of communication and marketing professionals for branding, sales, and publicity. With a multitude of degree programs and distinctive specialties that overlap in certain areas, many potential students are turning to the Communication Degree Guides Website for MBA marketing degree and career information. “Our resource guide provides an entire section devoted to information about the marketing degree sector so that potential students can determine which path is best suited to their career goals,” said a CommunicationDegreeGuides.org marketing sector specialist.

According to the resource guide, college students eager about advertising services and products for businesses and other organizations typically choose to pursue an MBA in Marketing. For individuals who want a foundation of business programs, there’s the Grasp of Enterprise Administration (MBA) in advertising and marketing, while individuals seeking a more common advertising and marketing diploma can pursue a Master of Science (M.S.) in Marketing. “These diploma packages usually require college students to complete internships and group tasks for nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies,” said the resource guide marketing sector specialist.

In addition, the resource guide explains that MBA marketing education track candidates may be required to have no less than the equivalent of 12 months of related work expertise and a bachelor’s degree with acceptable GPA. The Website then delves into curriculums, targeted career trajectories and sector outlook as well as the general job requirements for those interested in pursuing an MBA in Marketing.

“Promotions, marketing, sales and PR career tracks for MBA Marketing graduates can be filled with long hours, fluctuating deadlines and intense scrutiny,” said the resource guide marketing sector specialist. “Conversely, the monetary, prestige and career growth rewards can be enormous, but it takes a certain type of person to succeed.” For more information on programs for MBA in Marketing career tracks, please visit http://www.communicationdegreeguides.org/marketing-mba/

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