Prospects for the Textile and Clothing Industry in Turkey


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Turkey has a long-established, diverse and modern textile and clothing industry which has fulfilled a significant role in the country's economic and industrial development. In 2013 the textile and clothing industry accounted for 7.1% of Turkey's gross domestic product (GDP), 15.0% of its industrial production and 27.6% of its manufacturing workforce. The industry is also a significant source of foreign exchange: in 2013 its exports, valued at US$27.7 bn, were equivalent to 18.2% of Turkey's total exports. The industry's success can be attributed largely to its relatively low costs, the availability of a domestic supply of high quality raw cotton, and Turkey's strategic and favourable geographical location between Europe and Asia. These advantages have enabled Turkish producers to export goods profitably to mature Western markets -- despite a marked intensification of competition in global markets as the textile and clothing industries in many Asian countries, especially China, have developed. This report looks at the prospects for the textile and clothing industry in Turkey, its importance to the Turkish economy, its size and structure, and its production and consumption. The report also features: a geographical, political and economic profile; a detailed look at the country's imports and exports of textiles and clothing; a review of government policies and investment incentives; foreign direct investment (FDI) in the textile and clothing industry; an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT); and a look at the country's infrastructure and human resources and how these affect the textile and clothing industry.

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