Prostate Cancer Minimally Invasive Surgery Market In North America And Europe (2011 - 2016)

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- Prostate cancer market is set to grow multifold in the coming future, owing to the fact that it is the second most leading cause of cancer associated mortality among men after lung cancer. In 2010, more than 1.9 million people have been diagnosed with the prostate cancer across the world. African Americans and whites are most affected with this disease. Old age, heredity, lifestyle aspects such as smoking and diet rich in red meat are the major factors increasing the risk of getting affected with the disease.

Surgical robots are the most critical innovation in the past decade. It has revolutionized the prostate cancer minimally invasive surgery market. Though the cost of a surgical robot is close to USD 1.5 million, its adoption is getting popular with each passing day. Better control while surgery, dexterity, lesser risk of side effects such as impotency, shorter hospital stay, lesser pain, quicker recovery are some of the major factors fuelling the growth of robots assisted surgery.
To analyze, estimate and forecast the minimally invasive surgical devices market for treating prostate cancer
To identify the drivers, restraints and opportunities for the prostate cancer minimally invasive market
To identify the trend, burning issues, winning imperatives and growth prospects for the prostate cancer minimally invasive market
To identify the major market players and determine their respective market share, core competencies
To profile the key market players and analyze their market strategies and recent developments

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The scope of the study is defined as below:
Type of minimally invasive prostate cancer surgery- Laparoscopic, Brachytherapy, Cryosurgery, Robot Assisted and others
Types of surgical devices- Endosurgical Equipment, Monitoring & Visualizing Devices, Lasers and more
Stages of disease progression- Stage A, Stage B, Stage C and Stage D
Geographies covered- North America and Europe
Intensive secondary research will be conducted to study the background of the prostate cancer surgery market. It will help in understanding the dynamics of available surgical options and ongoing developments
Market will be segmented as per the surgery type, products and disease progression. Drivers, restraints and opportunities with respect to the various segments will be studied to analyze the market trend
Key players will be identified and market strategies, product lines, market penetration and other factors will be analyzed to estimate their respective market share
Primary interviews with key industry participants like oncologists, Directors, CEOs and Managers from major industry players will be conducted to get the key market information and triangulate the analysis
Market will be forecasted considering the ongoing developments and trends. Strategic recommendations will be provided based on the overall analysis
Surgical device manufacturers
Surgical device distributers
Key opinion leaders (KOLs)/ decision makers at various healthcare provider facilities
Out-patient surgery clinics
Business research and management consulting organizations

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