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Protect and Prevent Deep Scratches on the Floor with Heavy Duty Felt Pads

Protecting the beauty of floors and surfaces is imperative as scratches on them will spoil the overall look and feel of any home or business space. Heavy duty protective felt pads are now available and will protect surfaces from deep scratches.


Santa Rosa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- Furniture adds great value to a home or business space. But, moving them from one place to another can leave deep scratches on the floor which in turn diminishes the beauty of the room. No business or homeowner like the look of a scratched floor, it doesn't help the value of the property either. And although most visitors aren't looking for imperfections in your home or business, scratches seem to scream out "look at me". A simple solution to overcome this issue is by utilizing felt pads.

"Protecting wooden floors and keeping them brand-new is difficult. It doesn't help if every time you move your chairs, a table or any other furniture in your home or business that it leaves scratches behind. Most people already know about felt pads and the benefits these small little wonders provide. But, don't think about purchasing this inexpensive product until the floor is ruined. "The cost associated with a pack of felt pads can range from five dollars up to thirty or forty dollars, depending on size, count, thickness, etc. Taking inventory of the furniture you will be placing the felt on is a good place to start, figure out how many pieces are needed and what sizes fit best on the furniture. This is one of the best ways to protect your floors," said a spokesperson.

If you plan on using the felt pad on your sofa, make certain the sofa is up against a wall, felt pads will make your sofa slide, so if you have it in the middle of the room we recommend purchasing some non slip rubber floor casters. In the mean time we still recommend placing some felt pads on the sofa casters, just in case it accidentally gets bumped, better safe than sorry..

There are many types of felt pads for sale on the market, the self stick felt pads are the most common and can be used for almost all applications. If, however, your furniture sits on hand scraped or ruff finish, we recommend purchasing felt pads with nails, in order to have a more secure hold. "The cheapest and easiest way of protecting your floor is to buy a felt pads combo pack, you can immediately use what you need and keep the rest for future installations." said another media person.

A customer testimonial, "I purchased felt pads for protecting my hardwood floors. They were durable and inexpensive. It was a good investment and it was easy to apply to any kind of surface as well. I recommend them!"

About felt pads
The felt pads with non-toxic adhesive are the easiest to apply on any furniture. The combo pack will suit to different types of furniture like chairs, tables, stools, chests, etc.


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