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Left unmonitored, your network and computers will, inevitably, fail. This will leave your employees inefficient, affect your ability to do business and, ultimately, cost you thousands through lost productivity, revenue and corporate image. You don’t want that to happen.


Brantford, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2012 -- All businesses, especially small businesses, are vulnerable to attack. If you don’t want your small business to fall victim to either internal or external threats or a data disaster, you’ll want to take steps to guard your company’s critical data with military efficiency.

Brantford-based Working World delivered this message at Enterprise Brant’s 23rd Annual General Meeting and Entrepreneurial Recognition Awards Dinner by incorporating a military theme in their display as a company that specializes in arming companies against disaster and helping them prepare plans for disaster recovery.

There are numerous threats to companies’ data, besides power outages, natural disasters and fire. Hackers are always looking for ways to steal or destroy vital information. One way to guard against hackers is to make sure that you take precautions like using firewalls and installing security software on all computers and devices, including smart phones and tablets, that are used for business. Make sure that all protections are updated regularly. Also, keep your staff educated on how to recognize phishing scams and other nefarious email exploits. Cloud storage and an established disaster recovery plan can also go a long way toward keeping your business from being down too long should the worst happen.

A lost or stolen laptop, tablet or smart device could devastate your company. As a precaution, make sure employees who take computers and other devices home use password protection not only on the devices but on documents as well. These passwords should only be shared with you and/or a senior member of your IT team. Another option is to have all critical data stored on a thumb drive, so even if the device is lost or stolen, no important information is lost or stolen along with it.

Social media is a vital marketing tool and a great way to connect with customers and prospects. But does everyone in your company really need to have permissions for social media? Probably not. If you are going to allow all employees to access your company’s and their own social media pages, then make sure you establish guidelines for what kind of information can and can’t be shared online, such as the names of clients, vendors or strategic partners who want to remain anonymous.

When it comes to internal threats, human error isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Establish a process that prevents any one employee from having access to all of your company’s vital information. Also, create a checks and balances system in which employees are required to obtain approval from one or more senior staff members before they can access and make changes to certain files. Finally, have a system in place for what to do in the event that an employee is fired or quits. You don’t want your client list walking out the door with one of your top salespeople.

The team at Working World didn’t exaggerate. If you want to protect your company’s critical data from internal and external threats, you really do have to employ an army of precautions.

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