Protect Your Family from DUI Laws in US

It’s shocking how many people ignore the laws for drunk driving and get behind the wheel after they’ve had too much alcohol.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- It’s shocking how many people ignore the laws for drunk driving and get behind the wheel after they’ve had too much alcohol. is here to share its knowledge about these laws and the repercussions for breaking them, including:

- Age Limit Enforced
- BAC Laws
- Results of Infringement
- Open Container Laws

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21 or Older, Please
Every state in the country has a 21 or older law against drunk driving. This means that no person who cannot prove he is at least 21 can purchase or imbibe alcohol without stern repercussions. Anyone who provides alcohol to underage individuals also faces harsh punishment. The point behind these laws is to keep underage people safe and alive, so the penalties for breaking them are severe and immediate.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Laws
While some laws for drunk driving vary from state to state, all of them have the same one for blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Anyone who drives with a BAC higher than 0.08% is legally intoxicated and can be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). In Florida, the perpetrator’s first offense results in a 6-month administrative license suspension. In Massachusetts, it’s a 90 day suspension. New Jersey appears not to have a punishment for a first offense, Iowa takes a license for 180 days!

Punishments for Breaking the Law
A second law against drunk driving infringement can result in the installation of an interlock ignition device in one’s vehicle. Not all states do this, but most do. Other penalties include up to 180 behind bars, fines in excess of $500, and community service for a full year. There are Habitual Violator laws in many states which give tough felony punishments for three DUI convictions. Those offenders who fall into this category lose many of their civil rights, including the right to vote, and they forfeit their driver’s license for many, many years.

Open Containers Break the Law
An open container violation consists of driving a motor vehicle on a highway with an open bottle or other container that has alcohol in it. One must have held it in his hand, kept it within reach, or placed it in a purse or pocket, and the container has to have had alcohol in it when the driver was pulled over. This is one of the many laws for drunk driving that are in effect in almost every state and which have stern repercussions. The driver is also punished if his passenger is the one drinking from the container.

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