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Proteinase K Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2016–2026: Persistence Market Research

Proteinase K is active in a wide range of temperatures and buffers with optimal activity between 20 and 60°C and a pH between 7.5 and 12.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2017 -- Proteinase K is a broad spectrum subtilisin-related serine protease with high specific activity which is able to digest keratin, a hair protein hence, the name, Proteinase K. Proteinase K cleavages the predominant site of peptide bond adjacent to carboxyl group of aliphatic and aromatic amino acids in proteins. Proteinase K belongs to the peptidase family. Proteinase K is generally employed in molecular biology to digest protein and remove contamination from preparations of nucleic acids. Proteinase K in nucleic acid preparations rapidly inactivates DNAases and RNases that otherwise degrade DNA and RNA during course of purification. Proteinase K is used for the destruction of proteins in cell lysates such as tissue, cell culture cells and for the release of nucleic acids. It also used in purification of genomic DNA from bacteria. Proteinase K's activity towards native and denatured proteins is stimulated by denaturants such as SDS, Urea and EDTA. Proteinase K is active in a wide range of temperatures and buffers with optimal activity between 20 and 60°C and a pH between 7.5 and 12.

Global Proteinase K market is continue to witness positive growth owing to higher research & development activities and investments by research institutes, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in innovation. Increased usage in different applications such as nucleic acid and mitochondria isolation will boost proteinase K market positively. Presence of local and multinational players with wide variety of product offering will help to bolster Proteinase K market over the forecast period. Growing use of Proteinase K in drug discovery and disease diagnosis may impact this market positively over forecasted period. However, purity issues, presence of other proteins and nucleases in the proteinase K final product may hamper the growth of Proteinase K market.

Global Proteinase K market has been segmented on the basis of type, physical form, application, end user and region.

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Global Proteinase K market is undergoing market changes due to the higher competition among local and multinational players and this in turn helped to make proteinase K more economical. With the availability of wide variety of products in various forms and strengths in the Proteinase K market which is expected to change the market dynamics over a given period of forecast. By application type, segment such as nucleic acid isolation in the global Proteinase K market are expected to grow in positive traction owing to increased research & development and drug development activities by pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. Apart from these factors, rising demand for recombinant genes for the production monoclonal antibodies and other biological products from pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies might impact proteinase K market positively over a period of forecast

Geographically, Proteinase K market is classified into regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, APAJ, Middle East and Africa. North America and Europe will remain key markets for Proteinase K market due to higher research and development activities, presence of key pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in the region. Asia Pacific is anticipated to register positive growth owing to increased governmental funding for research in life science sector, increasing demand for biological products and rising presence of biopharmaceutical companies in the region

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The players in Proteinase K market include A & A Biotechnology, Roche Diagnostic GmBH, QIAGEN, Sigma - Aldrich Co. LLC, bioWORLD, New England Biolabs, BLIRT S.A, Promega Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.,

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