Prototype Casting, Inc.

Prototype Casting, Inc. Offering Direct Metal Laser Sintering Services


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- Already renowned for using the state-of-the-art technology in all its parts production process, Prototype Casting, Inc. brings the very latest direct metal laser sintering services for creating parts involving complex geometries.

A spokesperson for Prototype Casting, Inc. further elaborates clients about this metal fabrication technology and states, “If we compare laser metal sintering with the traditional manufacturing techniques, we find that DMLS emerges as a way faster and accurate metal fabrication technique. It further allows the prototypes to be tested more vigorously as compared to traditional techniques, because of its compatibility with most of the alloys.”

He adds, “DMLS also do not require castings, hence a convenient option for short production runs. Furthermore, the overall process of manufacturing direct parts from DMLS is cost and time effective. It also boosts the prototyping process up to a larger extent.”

Apart from the technology, Prototype Casting, Inc. possesses a hardworking and dedicated team of engineers and operators, who offer clients with a wide range of services such as accurate tool making, hassle-free engineering support, highest quality machined parts, effective part repair or modification, and thorough inspection and testing.

Customers can request a casting quote by mailing a 3D file to Prototype Casting, Inc. at The company accepts only the following file types: Pro-Engineer, Solid Works, AutoCAD, .STL, .STP, and IGS. Customers can also contact the sales team in case they need to the covert their files into one of the mentioned formats. The company also requests the customers to include all pertinent project information in the mail.

About Prototype Casting, Inc.
Prototype Casting Inc. is a Denver-based company offering high-quality non-ferrous prototype parts. The company offers parts that specifically meet stringent project deadlines and eliminate design flaws and other costly problems before production. Prototype Casting, Inc. also offers prototype parts for ramping-up to full production, simulating die-cast parts before paying for expensive hard tooling, castings post-machined to high tolerances, and others.

To know more about the company, visit or call 303-574-0060.

Shipping Address: 4696 Ironton Street, Denver, CO 80239

Mailing Address: PO Box 390485, Denver, CO 80239