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Prototype Casting, Inc. Offering Magnesium Casting Services


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- The Denver-based casting company, Prototype Casting, Inc. is now offering highly accurate magnesium casting services using state-of-the-art casting processes like Rubber Plaster Mold Rapid Investment Casting, among others.

Magnesium Castings via RPM Casting use a lost wax process – suitable for making smaller quantities of parts. While magnesium casting via Rubber Plastic Mold and Precision Sand casting is suitable for producing quantities of larger parts.

The spokesperson for Prototype Casting Inc. states: “Each process we offer has advantages and limitations. Our engineers analyze each job to ensure we’re using the appropriate process for the job based on a number of factors.” The company manufactures magnesium alloys that are extensively used in various industries including automobiles, aviation and aerospace.

A similar procedure can also be applied to create the alloys for aluminum, zinc, etc. “One can simply contact Prototype Casting Inc. if they need to eliminate design flaws of manufacturing outputs, or in need of simulating the die-cast parts before paying for expensive hard tooling. The reasons can be many, but we guarantee perfectly accurate casting services for you.”

The company further ensures to ship the castings in as little as two days, depending on their complexity and geometry. If the customer wants to have the casting done by using the Rapid Investment casting method, they can simply request a casting quote by mailing a 3D file to Prototype Casting, Inc. at The company accepts only the following file types: Pro-Engineer, Solid Works, AutoCAD, .STL, .STP, and IGS.

About Prototype Casting, Inc
Prototype Casting Inc. is a Denver-based company offering high-quality non-ferrous prototype parts. The company offers parts that specifically meet stringent project deadlines and eliminate design flaws and other costly problems before production. Prototype Casting, Inc. also offers prototype parts for ramping-up to full production, simulating die-cast parts before paying for expensive hard tooling, castings post-machined to high tolerances, and others.

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