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Prototype Casting, Inc. Offers Quality RPM Casting


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- Prototype Casting Inc. a well-known prototypes manufacturer and supplier, now offers quality RPM casting. It is the best method of prototyping die cast parts with the ability to simulate both appearance and physical properties. Tooling is low cost and easily accommodates geometry modifications and design enhancements.

This process is an alternative to the rapid investment casting using a variety of techniques like hard tooling, wax patterns, SLA’s, or customer supplied patterns to create a silicone master tool for the part. In fact, RPM casting is a natural fit for electronic enclosures that heat integrated heat sink fins, as well as lightweight and complex parts cast from aluminum and magnesium.

Prototype Casting can cater to every client requirement with their world-class prototype making processes. They utilize five different processes to manufacture prototypes while tailoring the best solutions to suit customer’s needs. From Rapid Investment casting using a lost wax process, to Rubber Plaster Mold, and Precision Sand casting, they have a process that fits the job.

Their rapid investment casting process is the most appropriate for Aluminum, Magnesium, Stainless Steel and Zinc castings. While elaborating further, a representative stated, “Our rapid investment casting process is an excellent and cost effective alternative to expensive parts produced using DMLS or additive processes.”

Apart from the above they also provide numerous services like tool making, engineering support, machined parts, part repair and/or modification and Inspection & Testing. This company, with their hard-working and dedicated team of engineers and operators, can easily handle any client requirements.

About The Prototype casting Inc.
Prototype Casting Inc. offers services to simulate die-cast parts before paying for expensive hard tooling, to test for form, fit, and function while eliminating any sort of design flaws or other problems which can prove costly. Rapid prototype casting becomes more important when one needs to meet stringent project deadlines.

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