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Prototype Casting Now Offers Die Casting Solutions by Using Their in-House Tooling Department


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Prototype Casting now offers Die casting solutions by using their in-house tooling department. Their strategies allow for the following advantages: more consistent geometry; durable tooling can produce thousands of parts; it can rapidly produce hundreds or thousands of castings; it is an excellent option for production parts.

One can get the best die casting services and are often a natural progression for RPM parts to move from prototyping and small volumes, to production and higher volumes. Their die casting service is offered through a strategic partnership with a local partner foundry.

Furthermore, this company also offers permanent mold casting solutions and has some special benefits as a durable tooling can produce thousands of parts; can rapidly produce hundreds of castings; and is an excellent option between sand casting and die casting. A spokesperson from Prototype Casting mentioned, “The tooling can be single or multi-cavity depending on the part size and quantity requirements. Expected tool life can vary based on the tooling material and part geometry. As the name implies, Permanent Mold Casting eliminates the cost of single use molds. Permanent Mold Casting is often an economical option for customers needing parts that would typically be small to intermediate sand castings. By eliminating the material and labor costs normally associated with sand casting, the casting costs can be made more affordable.”

At Prototype casting, they also provide aluminum heat treatment solutions and are able to heat treat most aluminum castings to T6 condition in two to three days from receipt of the parts. For their foundry customers this means that they are able to take the uncertainty out of lead times for parts that require heat treatment.

About Prototype Casting-
Prototype Casting helps to meet one’s stringent project deadlines and when one needs parts while ramping-up to full production. To simulate one’s die-cast parts before paying for expensive hard tooling, they are the best in industry. Customers can also get parts fully machined from stock. In addition, they care for the requirements of high-quality castings in quantities from 1-2,500 pieces per year. They also test for form, fit, and function, and eliminate design flaws and other costly problems before production.

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