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Prototype Casting Now Offers Various Processes for Manufacturing Parts


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- Prototype Casting now offers various kinds of processes for manufacturing different parts. Selecting a suitable process is based upon the design requirements of the customer. From production to rapid investment casting, the company provides processes to fit every job. In rapid investment casting, a lost wax process is used for making permanent molding, tiny portions of rubber plaster mold and direct metal laser sintering helps in making production quantities. If the parts are comparatively large for lost wax investment and do not justify hard tooling, the company offers casting using a sand mold process. They are also capable of machining parts from stock.

The rapid investment casting provided by the company is a cost-effective and excellent alternative for expensive parts which is produced using additive processes or DMLS. A printing system of 3D wax pattern is used for creating quick complex pattern of wax. These patterns are invested and later burned out of mold. The molten metal is then poured inside the resultant cavity. As compared to additive processes, the castings provided by the company are of full strength.

Talking more about the company, one of the representatives of Prototype Casting stated, "This rapid investment casting process allows us to ship you a limited number of castings in as little as two days, depending on geometry and complexity. Our process is appropriate for Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, and Stainless Steel. Casting tolerances vary depending on part geometry and metal being used, the minimum casting wall thickness for stainless steel is .125, aluminum is approximately .040 and the minimum wall thickness for magnesium is .080 inches."

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Prototype Casting helps to meet one's stringent project deadlines and when one needs parts while ramping-up to full production. Meeting customer expectations is their main focus. They test for form, fit, and function in order to eliminate the possibility of any design flaws or other costly problems before their customers hit full production.

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