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Prototype Casting Now Processes Zinc Casting by Using in-House Tooling Department


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- Setting up new technologies, while offering services that leave no stone unturned, Prototype Casting now processes zinc casting with the use of their in-house tooling department. With their abilities to work with the utmost proficiencies, they can even cut a hard tool from steel. Further, the molten metal is then inserted into the cavity under high pressure filling thin walls and small features. The metal solidifies speedily and the die opens up to eject the castings; the tools will be single or multi-cavity depending on the quantity necessities.

Indeed, it is true that these casting processes will give uncountable benefits through their consistent geometry, and the sturdy tooling can produce thousands of parts. In addition to this, they can quickly help in producing hundreds or thousands of castings, and will be proven an exceptional option for the production of parts. Sometimes, it is very obvious to understand that the die casting is a natural development for RPM parts that can transfer from prototyping and small volumes, to production and higher volumes.

The company’s die casting services are offered by a considered partnership with a local partner foundry. Apart from this, a spokesperson from Prototype Casting mentions, “American made die castings are often cost-competitive with foreign made parts, superior lead times, quality, and shipping costs. Tooling for die casting is designed to last for thousands of shots without degradation.

Expected tool life can vary based on the tooling material and part geometry. Die casting eliminates the cost of labor and materials for single use molds and is the most economical method for making high quantities of parts in a short time.”

About Prototype Casting
Prototype Casting helps to meet one’s stringent project deadlines and when one needs parts while ramping-up to full production. For simulating one’s die-cast parts before paying for the expensive, hard tooling, they are the best in the industry. Customers can also get parts fully machined from stock. In addition, care for the requirements of high-quality castings in quantities from 1-2500 pieces per year. They also test for form, fit, and function - eliminate design flaws and other costly problems before production.

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