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Provenance Vie Saine: A Free Website Promoting Healthy Lifestyles


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2014 -- Auckland, New Zealand - Allister Yee, a health professional from New Zealand, thinks that a healthy lifestyle is a right, not a privilege.

He wants people from all over the world to be able access free resources that will enable them to maintain healthy lives and avoid lifestyle diseases. He has developed a website, Provenance Vie Saine ( ), which provides a wealth of on-line resources. In French, Provenance Vie Saine means “from a healthy lifestyle.”

“We are passionate about healthy living and lifestyle and are ready to provide support for those seeking it,” said Yee, a graduate of New Zealand Heart Foundation and an expert in many health disciplines, including nutrition, massage and preventive care.

“We have designed a website that features professional videos and articles from experts and professionals sharing their health knowledge with those in need.”

Topics covered on the website include nutrition, fitness, massage therapy, dealing with injuries, healthy cooking, lifestyle changes, body image, smoking, alcohol and traditional Chinese medicine.

“We started with the idea to charge a small fee to members who use our online resources,” said Yee, “but we believe it would be better to fundraise money and just make the resources free for all. At the present time, we are financing the site through a bank loan.”

The fundraising goal is $37,262, which will cover technical aspects of the website as well as fees for the consulting professionals. In order to raise this start-up capital, Yee has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $15, backers will have a 31-day access to the website.

“You can think of Provenance Vie Saine as your 24/7 lifestyle coach,” Yee said. “We are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle by providing you with the latest tools and knowledge available.

“Our team includes experts from a wide range of disciplines, and we are always on hand to offer guidance and advice when you need it.”

Yee points out that choices are presented to us every day, and the path we choose will have a positive or negative influence on our health, family, environment and future.

“The goal of Provenance Vie Saine is to change the world, to educate the world about reversing negative body health symptoms and enjoying life as it was meant to be,” he said.

For additional information, visit at or the Provenance Vie Saine website,

Yee can be reached directly at

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