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Provital Zrt. Joins Code of Ethics for Public Procurement


Budapest, Hungary -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- To ensure the fairness and transparency of public procurement procedures, Hungarian Public Procurement Council introduced Code of Ethics for Public Procurement in December, 2012. The document gives instructions to the parties of public procurement procedures how to adopt an ethic attitude and guides the participants how to fulfill the letter and spirit of law in practice.

If the parties follow the guidelines of the Codex, they can cooperate more effectively to have more and more successful tenders. As an extra advantage, the ethic attitude of the participants of public procurement procedures also strengthens the trust of citizens towards public institutions.

For satisfying clients’ needs, Provital Zrt. maintains relationships with professional expert groups, engineering and law firms, so the company welcomes a group of guidelines serving as instructions for all the participants. At multilateral processes it is the interest of all parties to ensure prompt, fair, on-time procedures, that’s why Provital Zrt. joined the Code of Ethics with a great pleasure.

The content of the Codex is inspired by principles like rule of law, legal practice or equity. These values are highly prioritized by Provital Zrt. as well. The company is linked to the Codex in many ways: on one hand as a legal person, on the other hand – through their colleagues – as a public procurement consultant. Joining the Codex gives the opportunity for Provital Zrt. to take part in the modification of the document.

Provital Zrt. hopes that more and more participants of public procurement procedures join the Codex contributing to transparent, effective and successful work outcomes.

About Provital Zrt.
PROVITAL Development Consulting Ltd. consists of economics, law and public administration professionals who have substantial experience, qualifications and are included in the Public Procurement Authority official public procurement consultants list. PROVITAL aims to provide guidance in the often complex and changing world of public procurement , be it procurement consultation or the conduct of procurement. For more information please visit: http://www.provitalzrt.hu/