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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- As you consume content online or are presented with information in everyday life, some things you can accept and agree with it, while some things you may disagree with but allow for a difference in opinion; but then there are times when you have to call “BS.” Calling.BS is a provocative social media platform that allows thinking people (BS detectives) to easily call BS whenever they see it, hear it, or read it. By clicking a bookmarklet or browser extension a BS detective can grab a sample of the BS on the web and upload it to http://calling.BS to be shared with the community. Other users or followers engage, discuss, offer perspective and easily expand the discussion on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Clearly some have a lower tolerance for BS than others, but we are all surrounded by it like oxygen in the atmosphere. Sometimes it’s presented as opinion, but often it’s cloaked as factual. We see it online, we hear it from pundits on cable television, and partisan radio personalities. It’s in your newspaper and even in your history books. BS is spread by authority figures and unwitting victims regurgitating BS that they’ve been fed. If you are an active observer of politics, you are inundated with it and can call BS 24-7.

But it’s hard out there these days. What is true? What is not? What’s half true, yet peppered with BS? What is the straight dope, and what is slanted? The answer is often in the eye of the beholder or the ear of the listener? Is this plausible or is it driving your BS meter into the red zone? Sometimes it takes a critical thinker with a discerning mind. Sometimes it just takes a little common sense. One thing is certain though, if you let them go unchallenged, they will continue to spread the BS which is bad for everyone.

Obviously BS is not limited to online content and at http://calling.BS you can share BS in any form that it is presented. Whether you see it on the web, on TV, hear it on the radio, in your classroom, on a billboard, or in your bedroom, call it wherever it exits. Press the submit button and describe what you are calling BS on. If you have visual proof, upload a photo or share a video. Call BS on news items, current events, politics, entertainment, pop culture, relationships, or anything at all. Engage your friends or make new fans, but be sure to express yourself and call BS when you see it, hear it, or read it.

Remember, it’s your responsibility: Calling.BS

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Glenn Ormond
CEO Provocative Social Media
Los Angeles, CA