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Proxi Outsourcing Hires Director Matthew Eaton to Lead Strategic Partnerships


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- PROXI Outsourcing has hired Matthew Eaton as Director of Strategic Partnerships, responsible for driving development of new outsourcing partnerships leveraging Proxi’s passion for outstanding business processes and exceptional customer service. Matt is an accomplished business process transformer, with the background, acumen and passion to change the way businesses and organizations service, communicate with and understand their customers, most recently serving as National Director of Sales at CFI Group. Matt led the development of many world-class customer experience programs as a trusted partner and consultant to C-Level leadership, assisting those who run the organizations that drive the global economy in making critical decisions that ensure their people, products and process are running at maximum performance and positive impact.

“Until Proxi came along, I had never seriously considered leaving CFI Group,” said Eaton. “I started my career with the goal of helping the world’s best companies become even better, that passion led me to customer experience measurement and design. Proxi is at last an opportunity for me and many others to pursue the dream of providing great companies with the ability to improve and achieve their goals, by creating seamless and scalable customer experiences across channels, optimizing back office efficiency and reducing overall operational costs. Proxi partnerships are built around making it easy to do business with our clients companies by lessening customer effort, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing the costs of customer service operations. As Director of Strategic Partnerships, my mission is clear; innovate and implement processes that deliver measurable business outcomes for Proxi clients in a range of industries and markets.”

Proxi Outsourcing has been helping businesses succeed since 1978, and has years of experience in building extraordinary customer relationships.

Name: Matthew Eaton
Phone: 303.803.7372