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Proxy Server Protects Internet Users from Cybercrime, Lets Them Bypass Firewalls


Decatur, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2012 -- Nearly one-third of the world’s population uses the Internet for a variety of purposes, including online banking, shopping for products or services, communicating with friends and family members via email or social media networks and more. While the web serves as the ultimate instantaneous resource, it is not necessarily the safest environment for personal information.

According to a 2011 Norton Cybercrime study, 69 percent of adult web users have been victims of cybercrime at some time in their lives. Additionally, each day there are more than one million people victimized by cybercrimes, including computer viruses, online credit card fraud, identity theft and more.

Featuring a fast, secure and free online proxy server, Internet users can now turn to the newly launched site ProxyServer.com to protect themselves against malicious online intent. Considered to be the Google of web proxies, the new site is extremely easy-to-use and allows users to alter their browser experience by selecting from five different protective measures and options. Powered by an Intel Quad Core Q9400 Server, http proxy server offers the maximum server load capabilities at 1:1 and provides users with unsurpassed Internet connectivity.

By definition, a proxy server acts as an intermediary between clients and servers. ProxyServer.com connects Internet users with the website of their choice and gives them options on what information they would or would not like shared with the site they are visiting.

Currently, users can choose to encrypt URL, allow cookies, remove objects, remove scripts and/or encrypt page. This flexibility gives users the ability to remain anonymous while surfing the web, adding to their level of protection against spammers and hackers. It also allows people to choose what cookies and browser history are stored on their computer.

People can also use ProxyServer.com to bypass firewalls setup by their place of work, school or other location to reach otherwise blocked websites, such as Facebook.

One of the things that makes ProxyServer.com the best proxy server as compared to other proxy servers on the web is its tremendous speed and user capacity.

According to ProxyServer.com, “The website achieves at the maximum a 1:1 server load per CPU core which means that the server runs very fast and has no connectivity problems. Other proxy servers have a server load of 1.5:1 or higher server load per CPU core which means that their clients tend to have a slow time loading their websites.”

For more information or to utilize the site’s fast, free proxy server, visit http://www.ProxyServer.com

About ProxyServer.com
ProxyServer.com works to bring the end user the fastest and most secure access to an unblocked and unrestricted Internet. Users no longer need to worry about limits and firewalls which prevent them from accessing a needed site. This proxy server keeps each user’s IP address anonymous while providing a fast and easy surfing experience.