Joe Bragg Provides Privacy for Cautious Internet Users


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2012 -- The latest statistics show that there are over two billion people who use the Internet around the world. Whether at work, at home or in public spaces, millions of Internet users are trying to find ways to browse privately.

Normally, Internet users are identified by their IP addresses, allowing them to be tracked on all the websites that they go to. If users reroute their Internet usage through a proxy server, however, they will only be identified by the IP address of the proxy. Their own personal IP addresses will therefore never be revealed, and they will remain anonymous to the websites they have browsed.

Browsing through a proxy server used to require downloading complex and sometimes dangerous software onto your computer. In recent times, websites have sprung up that allow users to browse anonymously without downloading anything. One of these online proxy server websites, called, is allowing Internet users from all over the world to browse the Web privately. explains the various ways in which a proxy server can be used:

“A proxy server has a variety of uses, which may or may not be used at the same time. One of their uses is that they may be used to filter requests on servers. This feature blocks access to some websites on the Internet and are mostly used in schools and companies. In the same way that it can block sites, proxy servers may be used to bypass security for restricted sites. This applies to both ISP restricted and server restricted sites. Another use of the proxy server is protection of the identity of its clients. Since clients connect through the proxy, the servers accessed views the proxy as its client.”

The anonymous proxy server service offered by is easy to use and has several helpful features. Once users have entered the URL of the website that they would like to visit, they also have the choice of encrypting the URL, encrypting the page, allowing cookies, removing scripts and removing objects. Each one of these options provides varying levels of privacy protection, so Internet users can take their personal preferences into consideration when visiting a website.

Users who do not have specific preferences can simply leave the default choices selected. therefore provides the ultimate flexibility for private Internet browsing.

About is a website that offers a service allowing indirect browsing of external, third-party websites. Proxy servers allow Internet users to browse the Web without revealing their IP addresses to the websites that they visit.

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