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PS2 Classic Ape Escape 2 Re-Released and Available for PS4 in Europe

Sony has re-released PS2 classic Ape Escape 2 for PlayStation 4 in the European PlayStation store, and people can subscribe the game at the discounted price of £5.99 before August 9th.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2016 -- Sony, a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, has officially re-released PS2 classic game Ape Escape 2 for PlayStation 4 in the European PlayStation store. Ape Escape 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation store, and costs £7.99 (discounted to £5.99 for PS Plus subscribers until August 9th).

The game Ape Escape 2, a sequel to the 1999 PS1 classic Ape Escape, was firstly designed for PlayStation 2 video game console, and released in Japan in 2002, and then in Europe and North America in 2003. Since the game's first release, it has received a good reputation among PS2 gamers, and it remains a high-point for the series until now. Sony re-released this classic game for its currently latest video game console PlayStation 4, but only available on PlayStation Store in Europe. This re-release includes full trophy support plus Share Play, Remote Play and second screen support for game manuals with Vita or the PlayStation App.

Gameplay videos of Ape Escape 2 are available on some video-sharing sites such as YouTube. Gamers can visit one of those sites to watch those videos before deciding whether or not to purchase the game for PS4 in European PlayStation store.

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Ape Escape 2 is the second game in the Ape Escape series, and the third game Ape Escape 3 is expected to be brought to the PlayStation 3 as well. Some people might be still waiting for the coming of Ape Escape 3 for PS4 while some are eager to experience Ape Escape 2 on PS4. People can pick the classic game Ape Escape 2 at the discounted price of £5.99 until August 9th, after which it will revert to its normal price.

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