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PS4 Black Friday Cyber Monday 2013 PlayStation 4 Deals and Sales Info Are at Thankshopping.com


Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- PS4 Black Friday and PS4 Cyber Monday sales and deals details and prices will soon be available on Thankshopping.com. For people who have the new video game system on their holiday shopping lists, they can learn more about the price of the PS4 on the site.

The CEO of Thankshopping.com understands that people of all ages have the state-of-the-art video game system on their list of “holiday must haves” this year. Because of this, the website is offering the latest info about Black Friday 2013 PS4 deals and Cyber Monday 2013 PS4 deals around November 29 and December 2. By visiting the Thankshopping.com site first, people can learn more about the price of the game system on those two popular and busy shopping days.

The new PS4 video game system is already creating quite a buzz among gaming fans for its amazing visuals and huge selection of games. In addition, the console allows gamers to connect and interact with a variety of other devices and services through several different features; this includes the PlayStation App, which helps to make game play even better thanks to the use of smartphones, a second screen, and/or tablets; PlayStation Vita, which lets people play most PS4 games wirelessly and remotely, and Gaikai, which is a gaming service based in the Cloud that features streaming game content.

With over 180 games in development for the PS4, everyone is sure to find something that they like. It features an extremely generous 8GB of memory, incredibly realistic graphics, and is also able to literally learn which types of games people like. The new PS4 can also download a portion of a game and allow people to start playing while the rest of the game downloads.

Anybody who wants to learn more about the PS4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 PlayStation 4 deals and sales may visit the Thankshopping.com website in late November and early December; there, they will find deals info about the video game system.

To learn more, visit http://www.thankshopping.com/playstation-4.

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Thankshopping.com is one of the leading websites that provide information for exclusive deals on gadgets, laptops, tablets and various other consumer electronics that are ideal as holiday gifts. The website, http://www.thankshopping.com/, has recently announced that they are going to provide information about product deals for Black Friday, November 29th and Cyber Monday, December 2nd. These savings will be available on highly demanded products which are predicted to be amongst the “Most Desired Gifts” this holiday season. For more information, please visit http://www.thankshopping.com/playstation-4