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Montreal, Quebec -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- Since the birth of Psychology, and in particular Freud’s psychoanalysis, it has been the mission of those researching in the field to both discover how science can be applied to the study of the mind and how the results of that study might better humankind. Therapeutic approaches developed from Psychology can be beneficial for individuals who experience a range of challenges in life, their behavior or attitudes, which can be of varying severity. Psychology Resource hopes to help the citizens of Montreal and wider Quebec by introducing cutting edge, evidence-based approaches into the modern context.

The website welcomes visitors with a dynamic content gallery that introduces the context and approaches contained within Psychology Resource, the personal website of Montreal Therapist Dr. Virginia Chow. The site has a profile page introducing Dr. Chow, her research background and credentials, as well as introducing some of the services offered. The Treatments page goes into more details, defining her areas of specialty and the approaches of her treatments. Bookings can be made by phone or email, and Dr. Chow provides sessions in two locations as well as online via Skype and over the phone.

Psychology Resource also hosts a blog containing articles published by Dr. Chow on matters pertaining to modern therapeutic approaches, and issues faced by those in the modern context. Editorials include work on gratitude, the use of modern technology in treating depression in the elderly, and helpful tips on how to manage stress and anxiety.

A spokesperson for Dr. Chow explained, “Like Psychology as a whole, therapy has taken leaps and bounds since the days of Freud, yet this stereotype of counselling still persists. Dr. Chow provides a safe and confidential environment in which individuals can explore their feelings and difficulties without fear, and in providing this neutral space in which to reflect and analyze, begins to explore using clinical methodologies the obstacles or challenges that are presented, and develop evidence-based means by which to begin to overcome them.”

About Psychology Resource
Psychology Resource is the personal website of Montreal Psychologist Dr. Virginia Chow. Dr. Chow is a licensed member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec and is committed to providing evidence-based practice and client-tailored treatment. The website features a profile of Dr. Chow, research articles she has published, a blog covering contemporary issues in Psychology and a range of treatments available. For more information please visit: