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Alexandria, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Christopher Swane, a psychotherapist from Sydney, provides counselling services Sydney and the Inner West. He is said to be a well-accomplished counselor with an excellent track record. Swane graduated with a degree in Applied Social Science, professionally worked as a counsellor and affiliated with the biggest counselling associations. Also, he uses a broad range of therapeutic means allowing him to assess and meet the needs of a patient. He is also a relationship counsellor and one of the recognized marriage counsellors Sydney.

Swane has expansive counselling services. Above from being a relationship counsellor and a marriage counsellor, he treats clients with deep anxiety, depression, midlife crisis, self-esteem and self-worth issues and even sexual matters. Swane gave emphasis to male counselling. According to him, he thinks that men feel that counselling is exclusive to women. Because men think that undergoing counselling does not have an effect to them. Opposing to that perception, Swane believes that there are things in psychotherapy and counselling that are beneficial to both genders. Some issues like communication issues and under achievement in life are the ones that men usually go through and has to be acted upon.

Since this modern generation wherein internet is a fundamental tool, Christopher Swane paved the way to bring his counselling services Sydney online. In his website,, it is stated that internet counselling and psychotherapy are now available through the use of Skype. A 45-minute Skype session costs $90. Through this, Swane’s services are not exclusive to Sydney anymore. He can be a psychotherapist, relationship counselor Syndey, and a marriage counsellor to everyone.

Narelle, a retail manager, said in a testimonial found on the website that Swane guided her through her struggling events. He challenged and supported Narelle to work through the problem. Swane also wants his patients to bear this statement in mind, “To discover health and life: one must embrace change”.

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