Psykosoft Releases New App That Bridges Sketching and Messaging

Sketchat is a new application for the iPhone, which allows users to quickly doodle something and send it away to anyone in their contacts.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Messenging apps are incredibly popular right now. They help connect people and feed a fundamental need to communicate. As the medium matures and we are moving from text to new forms of expressions; like smileys, photos, and gifs to spice things up; Psykosoft thinks drawing is a natural evolution in that space. But for it to work the experience needs to be as simple as possible. While this is not a new idea, (Drawtype for iOS Sketchat is its own app solely focused on sketching and sharing with an emphasis on lean user experience.

While most drawing apps compete on number of brushes and features Sketchat bet on a simple and beautiful experience. By removing decisions, the focus remains on the idea. This is achieved through ruthless editing of features. No colors, brush type, opacity or size to choose from: Only a pen and an eraser.
The eraser size is made to match the finger's size at any zoom level, and the pencil width increase its size according to speed. Removing the need for changing sizes and the opacity have been chosen to allow shadings like with a pencil.

Easy to use, Sketchat can be used for kids to send picture messages in the early learning stages of writing, games, and other activities. In addition to using the app to send direct messages, sketches from Sketchat can also be shared through Whatsapp and social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

The software will be available on 10th of April.

Here are some use cases Psykosoft thinks the app can be used:

- Rapid mobile sketching tool.
- Exchanging and adding on each other's drawings.
- Celebration messages: Happy Easter, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...
- Sending oneself a note via email.
- Sharing an idea rapidly with a colleague: Graph, sketch, UI design...
- Handwriting a letter. (Stylus recommended)
- Playing games: Tic tac toe, Hanged man, Draw Something...
- Having kids send drawings to their parents.

About Psykosoft
Psykosoft is a startup that aims to "break the barriers of creativity".

Their previous product Psykopaint, already has more than a million registered users Psykosoft released the first real time 3D painting app on tablets last year.


The company has been part of startup incubators Seedcamp and Techstars, and includes among its investors Atlas Venture, Balderton Capital, Mike Dornbrook (COO at Harmonix (Guitar Hero)), Brightcove's CTO Robert Mason.

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Mathieu Gosselin, Psykosoft CEO
US Phone: 617 300 0668 (call forwarding)
UK Phone: 07 535 666 551
Skype: peutichat

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