PSY's Gangnam Style and Korean BB Cream Popularity Surging Worldwide

With the surging popularity of Korean PSY’s Gangnam pop song that is now reaching one billion views on Youtube and BB Cream - the world’s first all-in-one skin care cosmetic from Korea, Korea is now enjoying a boom in tourism levels, cultural and entertainment exports like never before


Seoul, Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- What’s common between Psy’s Gangnam Style and Korean BB Cream? They are both worldwide sensations and are taking the globe by storm.

Both these entities have highlighted Korea on the map. The amazing song and the equally amazing BB Cream– the world’s first ever all-in-one skin care and makeup combination product are now the two main reasons for Korea’s increasing popularity.

Not just nationally but also internationally, both have gained immense popularity not just with general population that is heavily influenced by pop culture but also the usually unconventional folks. It was just recently that BB Cream cosmetics had become a worldwide trend but an unknown fact is that it all started right here in the wonderful land of Korea. Inspiration flowed in from the nation’s veins throughout the world. Many brands like Loreal, Clinque, and Garnier as well as retailers are now offering various types of BB Cream designed to .

One of these premiers is – an online retailer selling the reputed Korean BB Cream since 2008,. It also offers various other innovative Korean beauty products such as snail secretion moisturizers, plant extract facial masks and gold caviar day creams.

Products like the BB Cream and Psy’s Gangnam Style have made their mark in history and made Korea more famous than ever. Their popularity has curiously drawn people to explore the culture and heritage of Korea. Korean music, TV and cinema are being watched more and more and literature is also being well-received by audiences worldwide. The tourism industry is also profiting significantly from the situation. Many people are spending their vacations and free time in Korea and understanding it better. There hasn’t been this high a surge in the country’s popularity in a long time. The song as well as the Korean BB Cream are now preferred everywhere.

Korea has not, in a while, shared this much popularity with her citizens. Even in international standards, the country has become a significant feature. Records, movies and TV shows are sold worldwide and the nation is now very influential.

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