PTC Industry Anomaly Marks 6th Year Anniversary


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- April 30, 2013 marked PTC Giant Neobux’s 6th year anniversary, a length of service unheard of in PTC (Paid To Click) websites, an industry that is much renowned for scams and failing programs still much in their adolescence.

Paid to Click websites have been popular online since the 90’s. They act as an advertising portal, whereby advertisers pay to have their ads displayed, and members are reimbursed to view those ads by the PTC site.

Many PTC sites (including Neobux) have introduced the concept of “rented referrals”, where you pay the PTC site for seemingly real referrals that click on ads and earn you referral commissions for every click they make.

The downfall to this idea is that most PTC sites do not possess as many real rented referrals as they advertise. Instead of real, human referrals, you actually purchase “bots” that generate fake click statistics.

These sites depend on future purchases from new members to fulfill payments to current members. As such, many PTC sites exist only as Ponzi schemes and are unsustainable – hence the majority of sites close very early on.

Why Has Neobux Prevailed?

Neobux, now in its 6th year of operation, has evolved into much more than a PTC website. With over 20,000,000 members and being ranked the 78th most visited website in the world (Source:, Neobux possesses the economies of scale to sustain such a business.

Neobux does not rely solely on ad clicks to generate revenue. Neobux partners with some major players in the advertising world, such as Token Ads, Trial Pay and Crowd Flower to boost revenue for both Neobux and its member base. Such diversification has been the key to Neobux’s success and longevity.

With hundreds of PTC sites starting up and failing each month, Neobux is a true anomaly within the Paid to click industry, with more daily visitors than websites such as Flickr, Netflix and CNET! With its numerous levels of memberships and benefits – it truly stands out as a tried and tested method of earning a good residual income each and every month!

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