PTI Launches New Rent a Metal Detector Service

Leading manufacturer of world class metal detection system, Protective Technologies Int. has recently launched a new service providing their customers with metal detector rentals. For more information about this unique service, visit today.


West Jordan, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- To answer the growing need of private corporations and government institutions who are regularly conducting special public events on different locations, renowned metal detection system manufacturer, Protective Technologies International, has launched their new rent a metal detector service.

As public gatherings continue to be a driving force in the majority of businesses, either for promoting a product, hosting an event or simply to provide entertainment such as concerts, the need for comprehensive public security measures has become a major concern.

For this reason, PTI World has launched this unique service of offering their first-class security equipment on a rental basis, making public security a cost effective endeavor for many companies.

Launched through the website, they provide “Rent a Walk Through detector” service for companies who wish to host special onetime public events.

This unique service helps companies save revenue by providing a complete security set up for rent without them having to purchase the actual equipment.

The good news is, should the companies decide to keep and purchase the rented metal detectors for their future events, PTI will deduct the amount they paid for the rent from the purchase price.

According to their website, “PTI is now offering a variety of rental options. Many individuals or businesses only need a metal detector on occasion. Renting can be much cheaper than purchasing if you only need a metal detector for a short time period. That being said, if you decide you don’t want to return your metal detector, we will apply your rental fees towards your purchase.”

Their metal detector rental package contains security wands as well. Though for cases that customers need to rent security wands only, PTI’s versatile rental plans can be tailored to suit the need of each client.

They also offer hobby metal detectors as well, for those who wish to find lost valuables or simply to have fun treasure hunting for precious metals.

Indeed, PTI Worlds’ new and unique metal detector rentals service will benefit many corporations; saving them both time and money. For more information about this affordable and exclusive service, visit today or contact their representative for further details.

About Protective Technologies Int’l
A leading manufacturer of world class walks through metal detectors; they provide some of the best security products for companies in the mining, refining and jewelry industry. Their recently launched service, metal detector rental, is aimed to help companies save money without sacrificing the quality of public safety they aim to provide on their special events.

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