PTL Offers DB Pension Scheme Governance Services to Help Secure Members' Benefits


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2020 -- A leading provider of independent governance services, PTL offers defined benefit (DB) pension scheme governance services to help secure members' benefits. The company uses their expertise to help you devise your DB pension strategy including setting the long-term objectives, managing and reducing risks whilst improving member experience. With a breadth of knowledge, skills and solutions, PTL ensure their specialists are closely aligned with industry developments, often leading industry groups. Their advisers play a crucial role in supporting trustees and employers in carrying out their functions.

With a collaborative approach, the experts at PTL work with employers and advisers towards shared goals to deliver the greatest benefits for pension scheme members. The experts at the company form a clear strategy and a robust but collaborative working relationship with sponsors. Their team can ensure your pension scheme is ready to take these decisions and act decisively. If you're looking to get DB pension scheme governance services, you can check out PTL's website.

PTL is a renowned provider of independent pension trustee services in the UK. The company has gained a massive customer base all across the UK for its unrivalled commitment to quality and competitive pricing. They employ a team of experienced professionals who combine their knowledge and expertise to serve customers with the best services possible. In addition to governance committee training, PTL UK also offers Alternative Governance Structure (AGS), Buy out Service, Charity Unit, Claims Handling Service, Secretarial Service and various other services.

When asked about their DB pension scheme governance services, a representative from the company stated, "PTL has been providing professional trustee services since 1994, and defined benefit schemes are the mainstay of our work. The schemes we represent range in size from £10 million to over £3.5 billion, and we work with sponsoring employers from a wide range of industries, from across the UK and overseas. Our team is highly experienced in defined benefit funding, investment strategy, risk management and adviser management."

About PTL
PTL is an award-winning provider of independent trustee and governance services, serving clients across the UK. Their specialist team of professional trustees delivers a pragmatic, personable and professional service to help customers effectively manage their schemes. PTL holds a strong reputation in the market as demonstrated by the testimonials from its clients and industry awards – all underpinned by an energetic, dynamic and outcome focused team committed to delivering.

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